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Overseas Sales Dept

Providing Our High-quality Products to Overseas Quickly Through our overseas sales department, we provide our high-quality and various products to all over the world.
We have exported our products to over 20 countries, mainly for Asia, Europe and America.
Overseas sales department has wide experience of export and close coordination with our distribution center. We can provide our products around the world with very short lead time.
In addition, we can export our products from small quantity(1kg~).

Main export destinations

  • Europe
  • France,Switzerland,Belgium,
  • America
  • USA,Mexico,Brazil,
  • Asia
  • Singapore,Taiwan, South
  • Other Countries
  • Australia, South Africa, etc.

If you are not in above countries, we may able to export our products.
Please feel free to ask us.

Flow from your order to delivery

We will quote price as soon as we receive your inquiry.
The earliest shipment time from our distribution center is 2 working days after we receive your purchase order, in case of Air shipment.

Receiving your order
Shipping arrangement to our distribution center and forwarder.
Shipping from our distribution center
*Earliest shipment time from our distribution center:
2 working days(Air shipment),10 working days (Sea shipment)
Sending shipping documents and certificate of analysis