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Aromatic Chemical Products

Synthetic Aroma Chemicals

We deal about 2,000 kinds of synthetic aroma chemical products.
A scent is composed of a mixture of chemical substances which of each has different characteristics.
For example, “Strawberry” scent is composed from about 310 kinds of chemical substances.
We,Inoue Perfumery MFG. Co., Ltd. manufacture “synthetic aroma chemicals” which means each of those chemical substances.
To produce better scents with our customers, we manufacture and provide high-quality products by taking advantage of specialty as the manufacturer of chemical products.
Synthetic Aroma Chemicals

Every single aromatic chemical has each “ Specialty of scent”.

[Example of Our Product]

Esters, Acetals, Ketones, Ethers, etc.

Product List

Development of Aromatic Chemicals(Compound aroma chemicals)

We grasp each customer’s image of scent clearly and create a scent meet customer’s needs.

To grasp clearly each customer’s image of scent, our sales department asks details of customer’s needs.
Then, our sales department communicates a clear image of scent to our perfumers and flavorists.
After that, our perfumers and flavorists examine our customer’s needs from various angles. To produce a scent closer to customer’s needs, our perfumers and flavorists join a meeting and work out details with our customer directly in some cases.
We manufacture a prototype again and again, and create high-quality and sophisticated final product.

[Usage example of our product]

Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair treatment, Lip gloss, Air freshener etc.

Development of Aromatic Chemicals(Compound aroma chemicals) 1
Development of Aromatic Chemicals(Compound aroma chemicals) 2

Washed oils

Washed oils 1
Washed oils 2

We manufacture washed oils and extract as contracted manufacture.

The information of compounding plant