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Compounding Plant

Production base for expanding lineup of unique aromatic chemicals


Compounding Plant 1
Compounding Plant 2

Product (Facility name)

Various compound chemicals(C-1 Building)

We manufacture our own compound chemicals and contracted manufacturing compound chemicals in C-1 Building.

  • Final exhaust apparatus (for each working area)
    • Scrubber
    • Nitrogen supply line
    • Air supply line
  • Strong scent room
    • Complete final exhaust apparatus
Various compound chemicals(C-1 Building) 1
Various compound chemicals(C-1 Building) 2

Filling(C-2 Building)

In C-2 Building, all of our food grade aromatic products are filled in there, including products which manufactured in Odawara and Yonezawa Plant I .
To provide safe food grade aromatic chemicals, this facility is under complete sanitary control. We determine clean area to fill our products in sanitary environment.
Also We prevent contamination and insects by positive pressure control.
There is one-way air flow to damper to prevent mixing of scents.
Our uniform is designed to prevent contamination from our stuff. We always manufacture our products under complete sanitary control.

Filling(C-2 Building) 1
Filling(C-2 Building) 2

Washed oils, Extract(C-3 Building)

  • Mixing and extract tank
    • 5,000L tank Immovable
    • 2,000L tank X 2 Immovable
    • 200L tank Movable
    • Each tank can set cooling temperature
    • (ordinary temperature to minus 15 Celsius)
  • Receiving tank(with hopper scale, Immovable)
    • 6,000L tank
    • 3,000L tank
  • Filling room
    • Transported by pump from each receiving tank
    • Auto calculation from 15kg to 200kg
  • Others
    • Sanitary clean pit
    • 15 cubic meters Ethanol tank (outside)
Washed oils, Extract(C-3 Building) 1
Washed oils, Extract(C-3 Building) 2

Our approach to sanitation

  • Sanitary clean panel for wall and ceiling
  • Stainless piping
  • Stainless trestles
  • Air shower
Our approach to sanitation 1
Our approach to sanitation 2
Our approach to sanitation 3

Air control

  • The temperature in manufacturing room 20 to 25 Celsius
  • We set partition wall between each working area and clean level.
    By positive pressure control in the high-clean level area, we prevent outside air, contamination and insects.